Make A Statement In Graphic Tees

Make A Statement In Graphic Tees


Graphic tees are everywhere, and they’re the new way to make a bold statement! They’ve long been a wardrobe staple but had been relegated for the lesser-than fashion duties. Now, this wardrobe staple is demanding its place fashion’s “it” item - from street style to fashion runways, and celebrity red carpet. I guess you can blame it on Louis Vuitton's fall 2015 show, where models showed us how to wear graphic tees in style under sleek fitted blazers.

Featured look above: I Am Beautiful In My Own Skin Tee + Polka Dot Skirt

Graphic Tee + Boyfriend Jeans: Click to learn how to wear your graphic tees. #fashion

Not only are graphic tees super affordable [at least for the most part], but also versatile and incredibly functional. The style can be worn by anybody type with the ability to go from day to night, work or play. When it comes to selecting your graphic tees, go for simple designs with a classic fit.

Graphic Tee + Tulle Skirt: Graphic tees are the new way to make a bold statement. #fashion

Neutral colors - gray, black, and white and even pastel tones are versatile; keeping your sophisticated and looking like a fashion elite, rather than crossing you into teen territory. Pair with a formal evening skirt for a bit of edge, or go chic by pairing with a leather skirt or boyfriend jeans.

Are you into the graphic tees style?

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