Wedding Gown Shopping Tips

Wedding Gown Shopping Tips


The most important dress you'll wear in your life will be your wedding gown, so follow these tips to be the most beautiful and timeless version of you.

  • When shopping for your wedding gown be sure to first decide on your budget.  A typical rule of thumb is to spend 10% to 15% of your overall budget on the dress - however that may depend on how important the dress is to you - as a result, the percentage can be increased or reduced. Some factors that will affect the budget are your dress size, accessories, customization, and alterations.
  • The earlier you start the process the more likely you will find the right dress for you.
  • The formality of your dress will be affected by the time of day and wedding theme.
  • Do consider an elegant empire-waist maxi dress, the cost will sure to be less than the normal wedding gown.
  • Be open-minded and try different dresses or something you'd never choose for yourself - this will help narrow down the dress shape that fits best.
  • Last but not least, if you are in doubt or need to be reassured it’s probably not for you. Personalize your gown and transform it from ceremony to reception by adding statement accessories such as a belt, a beautiful jewelry ensemble, or a fabulous jacket.

Do make sure the dress you choose is right for you, your personal style, and body type.

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