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Hey FFIRL Fam!  I’m Serena.

Child of God.  A Proud Zeta Alpha Sigma Rhosebud.  Avid Reader. Creative & Kid Entrepreneur.


Thank you for visiting Fabulously Fearless IRL

You're probably curious about who I am and how this brand came to be.  So, let me tell you...

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I'm Serena Williams, a young girl with a passion for creating and inspiring. Because I love to create and it's one of the ways I express myself, my mom thought it would be a great idea to package my creativity into a lifestyle brand.

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The brand was originally birthed in 2014 by my awesome mom -- Nicole Palmer, to provide statement tees inspire women. It was near and dear to my mom's heart, as creating a fashion company had always been her dream.


But, with growth comes change. In January of 2020, we officially rebranded to Fabulously Fearless IRL™. Now we're a mommy-daughter-run lifestyle boutique, here to help women look in the mirror and love the person they see. We're FOREVER going to be FABULOUSLY FEARLESS but now we're IRL (in real life) too! 


As a fashion brand with a purpose, our mission is to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to love the uniqueness of their bodies and embrace their uniqueness. FFIRL focuses on self-love, positive body image, the beauty of diversity, and sourcing products that speak to a more healthy lifestyle. We are proud to provide exceptional quality, trendy styles, and positivity.


In my down time when I'm not creating content, updating the store or fulfilling your orders, I enjoy playing soccer, swimming, and family game nights.


Everything you see here is carefully sourced and selected to:

1. simplify finding quality lifeSTYLE solutions,

2. take the thinking out of getting dressed,

3. increase your confidence in how you look and feel (and how your dress you family).


Now that we've virtually met and you know more about our brand, I'd love for you to support us.


Join our FFIRL Fam and don't forget to follow our pages on social media (FB & IG: @fabulouslyfearlessirl) and say "Hi!".


If you have a question or comment about our products or just want to get in touch, feel free to send an email to hello@nicolewilliamspr.com.


XOXO, Serena Williams

From our family to your family!




'Fabulously Fearless' isn't being 100% not fearful. It's being terrified yet stepping into your fierceness and charging forward anyway. It's about living your truth, being confident in your own skin, and being bold in your dreams in spite of the fear..


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