Our Story

Hi there! 🖐

Welcome to our little real estate on the web. Here we're enhancing lives through STYLE & AFFIRMING CONTENT.


I'm Serena Williams an intelligent and beautiful second-grader and future teacher. I'm also Nicole's daughter. My mom is a confident and purpose-driven woman on a mission to empower women and the businesses that engage them — equally, to help eliminate the gender gap by helping women qualify, effectively communicate, and negotiate their worth.

About The Brand

Now...My mom and I are purposed to inspire HER to bloom into who God designed HER to be.

Fabulously Fearless IRL™ by NWC is a style and 'know your value’ brand hyper-focused on eliminating the gender gap by making everyday magical and spreading positive energy through style and affirming content. Everything you see here is created, curated, and sourced to affirm you and make you feel fabulously fearless in real life.

Whether you’re outspoken and unapologetically yourself; or want to believe in yourself but feel not so confident — this is for you! 

From overcoming body issues to knowing your value, owning your voice, and fulfilling your dreams. We provide an array of on-trend and wallet-friendly offerings including apparel, stationery, home decor, and accessories to build confidence, a fab wardrobe, home, and office space.

Fabulously Fearless IRL™ serves as a friendly reminder that, you’re SMART, DOPE, and #BADASS!

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    -XOXO, Serena Williams